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Our Story

We evolve with the times….


From our humble beginnings in 1980, Dixie Equipment quickly gained recognition in the Food Service Industry working with restaurants on kitchen layout and design. Our focus at that time was to streamline the kitchens and develop menu’s based on the best piece of equipment to produce the best product available.  Streamlining would not only

  • Reduce labor

  • Reduce product shrink

  • Improve quality

  • And most important…Improve profits!

As the Supermarket industry became aware of the benefits of hot foods, our vision was to then build a “test kitchen” facility in which we created a “super market deli” environment where the customers could get away from their stores and daily business, and see the benefits of a full deli operation.  We could recreate their menus and discuss streamlining their operations.  A prominent Southeast Chain realized the potential for hot deli programs and we were able to not only implement a successful deli program, but also to work direct with the Alto-Shaam factory to design the equipment package and “look” that they wanted to achieve.  This chain has always been recognized as an innovator in the industry.  We provided implementation of equipment, training procedures and training seminars at our facility; all of which helped to streamline their operations.


Our years of effort in the restaurant arena were very beneficial in partnering together and bringing these concepts to the supermarket industry.  We have continued to this day in building strong ties with the supermarket industry, throughout the United States.


By the mid 80s the Convenience Store industry saw the potential in the fast food arena.  Here we began to create “Branded Concepts” designed to individualize an identity for the various convenience store chains.  We helped in putting together programs for the largest convenience store chain in the world, where many of the original programs continue on today.


The 90s brought the era of the Super centers!  The programs that we put together were implemented into over 100 “café’s” within the largest chain in the country.

Then in the 2000s, the multi-chain store industry had many repair technicians needing part information, fast! By creating a 3000sq ft parts warehouse in Vero Beach, FL and equipping it with an expert staff to provide immediate customer specific support. 


At present, our knowledgeable and prompt staff continues to be the excellence of our Company. From kitchen solutions, training, repair service, parts identification, preventative maintenance programs - Excellence will always be our goal!



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